Accomodation – The Seychelles

Before travelling to the Seychelles, do not forget to read Personal experience tips from The Seychelles: What do you have to know before travelling there?
It will help you to get ready for your journey, so basic things will not suprise you.

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino ****


A simple styled hotel, and you will find there everything you need. I already mentioned in the last post, that on The Seychelles, the beaches are either for swimming or for taking pictures. This hotel has a perfect location, since Beau Vallon Bay is the best beach for swimming on the Seychelles.

There is a public bus station outside the hotel, so it´s easy to get to the capital, Victoria, which is definitely worth a visit. You will find the small copy of Big Ben, fish market, tea – factory or open – air shopping malls. Fun Fun Fuuun.
Grocery shops (most of them are in charge of Indians) and The Police Station are also found near the hotel (takes you 10 – 15 minutes of walk)

The Reception
Beau Vallon Bay – the beach, which belongs to the hotel
“natural” showers
A mini – ZOO is a part of the hotel 🙂

You will find more information about the hotel at

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