Accomodation – Dubai

I have been to Dubai a few times, and got back to the same hotel every time. In Dubai, you will most likely use the metro all the time, so getting a hotel by a metro station is quite an important thing (unless you want to walk in 45°C).   Although this hotel is “only” a 3-star hotel, in Dubai you don´t have to worry about it.

Regal Plaza Hotel is on the right side, and the Al Fahidi Metro Station is the “half circle” on the left side of the picture.

Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai ***

What is worth to visit near Regal Plaza Hotel?
– Dubai museum (10 minute walk)
– Meena Bazaar (10 minute walk)
– Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (15 minute walk)
– Bastakia Quarter (15 minute walk)
– Brain Game Dubai (15 minute walk)
– Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (10 minute walk)
– Grand Mosque (10 minute walk)
– Coffee museum (10 minute walk)

A HUGE advantage is, that the Al-Fahidi Metro Station is right infront of the hotel. Literally.

The hotel has and outdoor swimming pool, free wifi, restaurants (breakfast in included in the price), a couple of night clubs, gym and welness, bunch of markets and shops by the hotel.. You can read more on




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